Assessment Management System


AMS to launch University-wide for learning outcomes assessment reporting in spring 2020 — Penn State will be collecting all program outcomes assessment information in its new Assessment Management System (AMS) beginning in spring 2020. AMS pilot participants have reported that the new system is “very intuitive” and “much less work” than the old Word template and Box folder system. All future assessment reporting and planning will happen in the AMS and all assessment leaders (program coordinators, directors of graduate studies, certificate coordinators, etc.) who don’t already have access to the system will be granted access beginning after the new year. The Office of Planning and Assessment will be providing many training opportunities and resources to help ease the transition to the new system and you will be releasing AMS announcements throughout the fall and spring.

AMS Access, Information, and Training

If you are unable to login to the AMS and believe you should have access, please contact OPA at (814) 863-8721 or Please note that only pilot program participants can access the system at this time. 

Click Here for AMS Training Resources

Penn State uses Nuventive Improve for its Assessment Management System (AMS). The AMS is an online tool that supports University-wide learning outcomes assessment, strategic planning, and Middle States accreditation. Academic programs use the AMS to document their Program Learning Objectives (PLOs), create curriculum maps, plan program assessment efforts, and report results. Strategic planning units use the system to document unit-level plans and align plans with University-level outcomes.