Office of Planning and Assessment
The Pennsylvania State University
203 Rider Building
University Park, PA 16802-4819
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Meet the Team

The Office of Planning and Assessment provides leadership and support for four essential University functions: institutional research, learning outcomes assessment, accreditation, and strategic planning. 

Our vision is empowering the Penn State Community to use rigorous evidence to realize the University’s land grant mission.  This guides us through our current mission of supporting faculty, staff, administrators, and students by providing analysis of University data, supporting the assessment of learning, coordinating strategic planning, and ensuring compliance with accreditation standards. 

Leadership and Support

Photo of Lance Kennedy-Phillips

Lance Kennedy-Phillips

Vice Provost for the Office of Planning and Assessment

Melissa Meyer

Executive Assistant

Tracy Claar

Administrative Support Assistant


Marie Sullivan

 Accreditation Coordinator

Data Management & Governance

John Crutchfield

Assistant Vice Provost for Data Management and Governance

Kristie Bundro

Metadata Team Lead/ Data Architect

Michael Cooper

ETL Architect/ Developer

Katarina Durasova

Data Architect / Metadata Developer

Sravania Gogulamudi

Metadata Developer

Sharlene Luo

ETL Architect/ Developer

Kim Marchek

Data Architect / Metadata Developer

Andrew Martin

BI Administrator / Architect

Marta Miguel

Director of Data Managment

John Saraka

ETL Developer

Jerry Stottish

Metadata Developer

Mike Wallace

ETL Developer

Frank Woodard

ETL Team Lead/ ETL Architect / Developer

Institutional Research

Karen Vance

Assistant Vice Provost for Institutional Research 

Jeff Berda

Database Specialist

Karen Henninger

Director of Institutional Analytics

Chris Johnson

Business Process Analyst

Savitha Kolar

Reporting Analyst

Dan Nugent

Reporting Analyst

Karen O’Brien

Associate Director of Reporting

Yvonne Riley

Programmer Analyst

Sujata Smith

Institutional Analytics Team Lead

Sandra Sollenberger

Business Process Analyst

Michelle Stine

Research Analyst

Lu Sun

Senior Research Associate

Carly Sunseri

Research Analyst

Aaron Tippett

Business Process Analyst

Yuanhong Zhu

Reporting Analyst

Learning Outcomes Assessment

photo of Suzanne Weinstein

Suzanne Weinstein

Assistant Vice Provost of Learning Outcomes Assessment

Jessica Deslauriers

Assistant Director of Learning Outcomes Assessment

photo of Betty Harper

Betty Harper

Assistant Director of Learning Outcomes Assessment

Geoff Mamerow

Assistant Director of Learning Outcomes Assessment


Daniel Newhart

Assistant Vice Provost for Planning

Alison Parker

Planning Coordinator


Michael Rosenberg

Director of Planning


Jacob Kaminski

Undergraduate Administrative Assistant 

Shannon Lee

Graduate Research Assistant


Madeleine Paley

Graduate Research Assistant